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UNjobfinder is the world’s fastest growing international development career website. We founded UNjobfinder because we ourselves were missing a place that gathered jobs from all International Organizations and where we could search for jobs that actually matched our skills and interests. Now, our users love that we provide this service with unique search functionality. On top of that, we are also contributing with expert advice for applicants who dream about pursuing an international development career.

We gather vacancies from close to 1000 international organizations around the world, covering all UN organizations, International Financial Institutions, European Union and the most influential Intergovernmental and Non-Governmental organizations.

UNjobfinder is a service provided by Intalma – International Talent Management, a social enterprise devoted to provide the best possible support to people who wants to pursue a career within International Development. Our mission is to support highly-qualified and motivated individuals around the world, to give them the tools and services that will increase their chances for having a career in International Organizations, and to provide organizations with the best source for reaching top candidates.

We’re working hard to provide the most accurate and relevant information for you. Given the number of organizations we are covering it is however impossible to guarantee that we are free of errors at all time. Should you discover something that is not functioning 100% we appreciate your feedback so that we can continue to provide a top service to our users.

UNjobfinder is not affiliated with the UN, but to develop our services we have worked closely with HR professionals with previous expertise both from the UN system and International organizations.

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