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Welcome to NEPCon's career site at UNjobfinder.

NEPCon is an international team of experts working to foster sustainable land use and climate-friendly solutions. We foster solutions for safeguarding our natural resources and tackling climate change. Our vision is a world where human choices ensure a sustainable future. Do you want to be a member of our team?

NEPCon was created in 1994 as a part of the sustainability movement growing out of the 1992 Earth Summit. NEPCon is a non-profit organisation building commitment and capacity for mainstreaming sustainability. By implementing a variety of successful programmes over the years, NEPCon has learnt that problems are there to be solved, that the forces of change are powerful, and that it takes hard work, patience and perseverance to cause and sustain change. This learning from the past informs NEPCon's current thinking and strategy.

We’re over 7 billion strong on this planet, and every human being deserves a good life. Unless we adopt smart approaches, growing human populations are bound to lead to depletion of natural resources, widespread pollution and climate change. The challenge is to reach this goal whilst protecting the natural environment on which we depend and which is increasingly under pressure. The potential for a sustainable world is there. To pass on the Earth to coming generations in a good shape, we must urgently invent and adopt more sustainable ways of living, sourcing and trading. The good news is that it can be done, and that the human race has the power to do it. Good solutions for responsible land management and climate-friendly business already exist, and more are being developed. We are working to unlock the potential through innovation projects and by promoting high-impact solutions that result in deep-seated change. 

Career at NEPCon

NEPCon works with talented individuals who are driven by strong personal values of professionalism, integrity and passion.

NEPCon's staff is committed to work for the benefit of people and the environment. NEPCon have offices in Europe, Russia and Asia, and works with international partners. 

NEPCon posts featured jobs at UNjobfinder, but offers also the ability to send an unsolicited application and expression of interest at If you send a unsolicited application after learning about NEPCon at UNjobfinder, please don't forget to mention UNjobfinder in your application.