Snr Glob Sol and Dev Off


Senior Global Solutions and Development Officer

The Senior Global Solutions and Development (GSD) Officer is responsible for providing technical solutions and development-related support primarily to countries in East Africa, but also beyond.  He/she will be situated in the Regional Service Centre in Nairobi and report to the Chief of Operational Solutions and Transition Section (OSTS) in the Division of Programme Support and Management (DPSM). The incumbent has a role to support operations in the region in putting displacement on the development agenda and providing a liaison function with development actors, especially the multilateral development banks. As a global position, s/he can be used to support operations, when necessary outside of East Africa. The Senior GSD Officer will need to build close ties with the World Bank, the African Development Bank, bilateral donors, as well as members of the GISR, the Solutions Alliance and other development-oriented initiatives that can support solutions work for forcibly displaced. Working closely with UNHCR representatives and their staff, the incumbent will support the various solutions-oriented development initiatives UNHCR is undertaking in collaboration with the governments, development actors and the private sector. S/he is relied upon to assist branch offices with the development and advancement of national solutions strategies. S/he will draw on existing and new information to provide planning and foresight to advance progress on solutions, inclusion of refugees in national development plans and services and enabling refugees to live with greater dignity in asylum. The incumbent will work closely health, education, livelihoods, WASH and other technical and protection staff in the region.

- Strategic partnerships with the World Bank, the African Development Bank, as well as UN development agencies, civil society and the private sector are developed and maintained to bring development solutions to communities hosting refugees and returnees.
- Strategies to link UNHCR¿s durable solutions, livelihoods and self-reliance efforts with the relevant development projects in the region are developed.
- Guidance and methodology notes to enhance UNHCR country teams¿ understanding of development financing and its potential role in supporting durable solutions are developed.
- The design and implementation of country-level comprehensive durable solutions strategies are supported.

- Coordinate the design and implementation of a Regional Durable Solutions Strategy for regional refugee situations, including Congolese, Somali and South Sudanese.
- Ensure that refugee-related development interventions by the World Bank, the African Development Bank and other development actors are designed and implemented in close collaboration with UNHCR and in a manner that ensures that protection issues are adequately addressed.
- Participate in the planning of, and advice on, the promotion of social cohesion, peace-building and coexistence between UNHCR PoCs and host communities.
- Participate in or lead inter-agency programming processes, namely joint needs assessments, Peace Building Fund, national development planning, or other joint programming, at national and sub-national levels, which lead to broader national or area-based recovery and development plans.
- Participate in the planning of, and advise on opportunities for alternative solutions, including available regional and national legal frameworks.
- Undertake technical reviews of major local integration/livelihoods operations in order to learn lessons, making recommendations to the Senior Management and preparing improved responses.
- Mobilize and co-ordinate support to local integration/livelihoods operations in the development and implementation of innovative rural and urban local integration and livelihoods strategies and programmes that are age, gender and diversity-sensitive, community-based and aligned with the overall country programme.
- Develop context-specific strategies to facilitate the access of UNHCR livelihoods and self-reliance activities to development financing in refugee affected areas.
- Mobilize development financing for UNHCR¿s livelihoods and self-reliance projects.
- Assist in the development of community empowerment interventions with the beneficiaries, ensuring their active involvement in planning, decision-making and implementation with maximum participation by women and youths.
- Monitor relevant projects and initiatives of private sectors and development actors including World Bank, African Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank and other organizations.
- Monitor development financing (loans and grants) in the region with the potential to benefit refugees and persons of UNHCR concern.
- Provide technical inputs to displacement-related analytical activities undertaken by development actors in the region, including socio-economic impact analyses.
- Provide technical inputs and support to ongoing and planned solutions initiatives, including but not limited to: (i) Ikea Foundation-financed projects in Dollo Ado (Ethiopia); (ii) Turkana Initiative (Kenya); and (iii) the Refugee and Host Population Empowerment (ReHoPE) Program (Uganda).
- Facilitate knowledge exchange between UNHCR and development finance institutions, including mechanisms for development experts to provide technical inputs to UNHCR livelihoods, energy, health, shelter and education programming.
- Support efforts to bridge the humanitarian¿development gap by facilitating communication and collaboration between the staff of UNHCR and development banks¿ staff in the region.
- Support the efforts to create synergy between UNHCR¿s livelihoods and self-reliance efforts and the development agency projects.
- Support cutting edge analytical activities, including efforts to develop a conceptual framework that will guide a comprehensive development response to forced displacement.
- Support UNHCR¿s involvement, at the regional level, in development financing-related initiatives, including Financing for Development and post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

- Decide when and how to support field operations in:
      - developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with development actors, civil society and the private sector
     - developing context-specific strategies to facilitate the access of UNHCR livelihoods and self-reliance activities to development financing in refugee affected areas
     - developing country-level comprehensive durable solutions strategies
     - developing comprehensive multiyear strategic plans
     - ensuring the promotion of social cohesion, peace-building and coexistence between UNHCR PoCs and host communities
      - securing opportunities for alternative solutions, including available regional and national legal frameworks
- Make sound judgment on the quality of project proposals coming from partners or from the field, on the quality of ToRs prepared jointly with field operations and/or partners for specific tasks or projects, on the quality of CVs for potential consultants, on the quality of material/outputs submitted by consultants tasked by a field operation or by HQs, on the quality of annual work plans and other material submitted for review by field operations.
- Make decisions on what content (best practice, tools, and other features) should feature in technical guidance, policy, briefings, and other resources being developed /updated by UNHCR and its key partners as relevant, and identify areas in which quality technical guidance and policy direction is lacking.
- Make decisions with regards to the allocation of resources available to meet the objectives of the position.

- Advanced University Degree in Law/International Law, Political Science, Social Science, Economics, International Relations or related field.
- Minimum 10 years of relevant professional experience, which includes working on social protection and solutions issues.
- At least 5 years of proven solutions-related experience with an international financial institution;
- Strong understanding of processes of the World Bank, the African Development Bank and other international financial and multi and bilateral development institutions.
- Experience in working for an international organization that includes supporting country teams to address solutions to forced displacement.
- Understanding of the latest development thinking on issues of state- and peace-building in fragile and conflict-affected situations, social protection and economic development.
- Excellent written and oral skills in English.

- Previous experience with the private sector.
- Working knowledge of another UN language (French, Arabic or Spanish).

C001L3 - Accountability Level 3
C002L3 - Teamwork & Collaboration Level 3
C003L3 - Communication Level 3
C004L3 - Commitment to Continuous Learning Level 3
C005L3 - Client & Result Orientation Level 3
C006L3 - Organizational Awareness Level 3
M001L3 - Empowering and Building Trust Level 3
M005L3 - Leadership Level 3
M004L3 - Strategic Planning and Vision Level 3
M002L3 - Managing Performance Level 3
M003L3 - Judgement and Decision Making Level 3
X002L3 - Innovation and Creativity Level 3
X001L3 - Analytical Thinking Level 3
X008L3 - Stakeholder Management Level 3

Please note that the closing date for all vacancies in the March 2016 Compendium is Monday 25 April 2016 (midnight Geneva time).

Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.
  • Organization: UNHCR - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • Location: Nairobi
  • Grade: P-4, International Professional
  • Occupational Groups:
  • Closing Date: 2016-04-25

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