Mortality Survey Consultant

Gaziantep | Ankara

About RI: Relief International (RI) is a leading global organization and home to teams of humanitarian professionals committed to transforming adversity into renewal for the world’s most vulnerable populations. By partnering with beneficiaries and communities on the front-lines, RI innovatively bridges the gap between immediate relief and long-term community development.

About context: The fourth year of the crisis in Syria continues to disrupt the health system despite concerted efforts by humanitarian aid agencies to alleviate the health impact on the people of Syria during the previous years. Access to health services is critically hampered resulting in low coverage thus worsening an already existing high burden of different types of diseases and injuries. National and international humanitarian organizations and volunteers inside Syria have been engaged in providing healthcare services however, needs are still not met. Systems are not established and coordinated and different actors are using different patient databases with little emphasis on capturing disease specific mortality statistics. This study will focus on filling the gap in information regarding causes of mortality and age specific mortality rates among conflict affected Syrian population.

Purpose/ Objectives of the survey:
The purpose of this study is to understand the causes of mortality among general population. The main objectives of this research will be;
• Estimating cause specific mortality rates in men, women, and children in specified locations.
• Estimating appropriateness of healthcare given to sick individuals by RI supported health facilities.
• Understanding specific health, WASH, livelihood needs and vulnerabilities among target population groups.

Scope of the Survey
The assessment will be a cross sectional household Mortality Survey conducted in 12 Syrian sub-districts being served by Relief International. Causes of mortality and age specific mortality rates will be estimated for the population along with assessment of the major causes of mortality.

Expected Outputs of the survey
The survey findings will provide guidance on causes of mortality among Syrian population living in conflict affected areas and prioritizing interventions, by providing baseline estimates for mortality and health status of the population. It will also serve as a reference for future assessments of effectiveness of program interventions.

Role of Consultant and Relief International
The consultant will work in collaboration with a Senior Management Team, program and M&E teams at Relief International Turkey to finalize the design and inception plan for the survey, and will provide technical and managerial support for the project.
The initial study design, planning and coordination stages may be executed remotely. The consultant will be on-site (in Gaziantep, Turkey) for finalizing survey and training tools, trainings, and pretesting of the questionnaires and sampling procedures.

Consultant Responsibilities:
The consultant will be responsible for:

  1. Meeting with Relief International staff and reviewing any relevant documentation to gather required background information.
  2. Perform literature review to gather existing (pre-conflict) statistics on mortality and causes of mortality among Syrian population and establish a mean mortality rate and identify main reason of mortality for the purpose of survey sampling and statistical comparison/analysis.

  3. Developing the Survey Methodology including:

  4. Survey sampling design and sample size estimations

  5. Survey participant selection procedures

  6. Developing consent and interviewing protocols

  7. Developing the required Survey tools including but not limited to:

  8. Questionnaires

  9. Consent forms

  10. Other tools – maps, sampling procedures, surveyors manual etc.

  11. Field data collection and data entry will be contracted out to a third party survey firm. However, the consultant will:

  12. Provide sampling procedures to be followed. This will include identification of the required number of sampling units, and the number and composition of data collection teams.

  13. Provide guidance on monitoring of data collection and data entry for quality assurance.

  14. Develop training materials, and conduct training for study data collectors and field supervisors.

  15. The consultant will remotely guide the pretesting / pilot testing of questionnaires and sampling procedures, and make necessary modifications to the tools based on the results.

  16. The consultant will ensure the data-set is clean subsequent to data entry by the third party contractor.

  17. Appropriate Statistical Analysis and interpretation of the data-set.

  18. Submission of survey report within 15 days of receiving the electronic data-set which will include;

  19. Description and interpretation of results, including appropriate tabulations and figures.

  20. Quality assessment measures of survey data

  21. Limitations of the survey findings

  22. Presentation on the project execution and findings to Relief International, and any other potential users of the survey findings.

  23. Ensuring compliance with ethical research standards throughout the project.

Relief International
Relief international will provide assistance in adapting survey tools to the local context by (i) Arranging for translation and back-translation of questionnaires and study tools to the local language (Arabic) (ii) Providing local terminologies for symptoms and diseases, to improve compatibility of study tools with the target population, the exact methodology of which will be developed in conjunction by both parties.

Relief International will contract out data collection and data entry to third party service providers.

Relief international will provide logistic support for the training sessions by providing a suitable venue and coordinating with the designated data collectors and supervisors.

Relief International will organize/facilitate visits/interviews with other national and international organizations to get potential estimates of mortality, or potential sources of estimates for triangulation.

Target Groups
All age groups of the Syrian population currently residing in the catchment area being served by Relief International in the Idlib, Hama, Latakia and Aleppo governorates. The sample size will be finalized after consultation between the consultant and the organization and information on exact intervention areas will be shared with consultant after signing of formal agreement.


Finalizing Survey Methodology & Sample Size : 3 day Developing Study Tools including questionnaires, survey manuals: 5 days Developing Training materials including presentations, handouts, and assessment methods: 2 days Pretesting: 2 days Data Cleaning: 3 days Interviews with other organizations: 3 days Analysis and interpretation of data: 5 days Final Report: 7 days Total: 30 days

Required Qualifications
• Advanced university degree in Epidemiology and biostatistics, social sciences or any other related technical field
• The consultant should possess professional experience and/or qualifications in the areas of research methods, epidemiology and statistics. She/ he should be capable of demonstrating such experience through relevant experience, reports and publications.
• Experience in working with non-governmental organizations.
• Familiarity with Syrian context is desirable.
Application requirements:

  • Detailed CV of the consultant including references to similar survey/research work.
  • Sample of previous survey/research report.
  • Expression of interest with a complete budget detailing daily rate, costs and other required details (logistics).
  • Information about availability for this assignment.

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Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.
  • Organization: Relief International
  • Location: Gaziantep | Ankara
  • Grade: Mid/Senior
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Environment
  • Closing Date: 2015-12-15

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