Employment & Skills Development Services in Baidoa, Somalia

Baidoa | Mogadishu




1. Background

ILO seeks to support the economic reintegration of spontaneous and/or facilitated group returns to Somalia, and south central in particular, through a diversified livelihood and community-based approach. The project further supports the internally displaced people-IDPs. This approach aims to establish conditions that will enable returnees and their communities access their basic needs and restore their livelihoods with dignity. The project also contributes to peace building and reconciliation by reducing the conflicts between returnees, IDPs and host communities, caused by the high demand and limited livelihood opportunities which often undermine peace. Supporting returning refugees with adequate resources to re-start their lives is also crucial in reducing their vulnerability.

2. Objective

The overall development objective of the proposed project is: “to create viable employment-based reintegration livelihood opportunities for returnees, IDPs and the host communities”. It will do so by promoting and creating immediate employment opportunities, improving economic infrastructure and increasing access to and opportunities for self-employment. The project outcomes are:

Outcome 1:Employment opportunities created and economic infrastructure improved

Outcome 2:Business Management/Entrepreneurial skills developed

The successful bidder is required to provide the following services for the returns project:

  1. In coordination with relevant local stakeholders, conduct profiling for the final caseload for the returnees, IDPs and host community.
  2. Provide vocational training skills linked to specific recommended sectors under the ILO’s Baidoa assessment on value chain analysis and market opportunity mapping-(this assessment is on public domain) to 360 beneficiaries - The proposed vocational training should respond to the demands of the labour market. Based upon the collected labour market data, courses will be identified for skills in real demand in the local economies.
  3. Provide business/entrepreneurial skills using ILO tools to 360 beneficiaries.
  4. Conduct a business plan competition and award grants to 180 beneficiaries either individually or in cooperatives of 5 per group.
  5. Provide mentoring support to the grant winners as a way of business counselling.

3. Requirements

All LNGO’s, CEMED Centers within academic institutions and Private Sector are welcome to send their bids for any outcome fit necessary to meet expectations and not necessary all outcomes. The ILO requires bidders to have a sound profile, credibility within the community, knowledge and expertise in value chain upgrading, and experience in the geographical and thematic area(s) particularly in employment creation and skills development.

4.0. Management of Services/Collaboration with Other Stakeholders

The services of the institutions will be managed by a designated ILO official, on the basis of an implementation agreement between ILO Somalia and the selected institutions. In addition to these Terms of Reference, the agreement will include details on the schedule for the services, components and workplan and budget. Notwithstanding the contractual basis and provisions, the institutions will coordinate activities closely with ILO programme staff at the field level, with ILO UN partners and with Local Authorities and Communities. In particular, the institution will seek to maintain existing contacts, develop new contacts and promote linkage between ILO and all relevant contacts at Community and Local Authority levels. The institutions will keep ILO informed of all aspects that may impact on the analysis/consultations, outputs and activities.

5.0 Work Programme and Reporting

5.1 Work Programme

The overall length of the work programme is 5 months. Within this overall work programme, the institutions will elaborate a detailed work programme covering all activities. The work programme will be adjusted on a monthly basis to confirm validity or reflect changes in the plan of action. The delivery of actual inputs of the institutions will be scheduled corresponding to the sub-project implementation/workplans. Payments will be made on the basis of the delivery of actual inputs, not on the overall timeframe.

6.0 Reporting

The institutions will submit reports at required intervals and final output reports. These requirements will be set out in the Implementation Agreement.

6.1 Weekly reports

The institutions will submit a weekly brief of half a page with minimum of 4 photos from the beneficiaries. This short brief should detail the week’s progress of the training. This will be published in ILO’s media outlets for purposes project visibility.

All applications should be sent via email to: hrsomalia@ilo.org with the title reference: "Employment & Skills Development Services in Baidoa" no later than 2300 hrs on 4th October 2015

Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.
  • Organization: ILO - International Labour Organization
  • Location: Baidoa | Mogadishu
  • Grade: Mid/Senior
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
    • Labour Market Policy
  • Closing Date: 2015-10-04

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