Global call for UNjobfinder's Medical Doctors Roster

Medcal doctor campaign

Are you Medical Doctor dreaming of using your skills where the need is the most? UNjobfinder now work together with several clients (UN organizations, NGO’s) urgently looking for resilient Medical Doctors. Join our Roster!

The reason for us building this roster now is that we have several clients who has indicate they will start to recruit expertise in coming weeks or months. By being on the roster we will keep you informed when these job opportunities are being published.


With this call we are looking to find Medical Doctors to build a pool of talents (Roster) to help development organizations to speed up their recruitment and deployment process.

We provide you with our weekly international development job alerts, with job opportunities in your area of expertise. While on the roster we will also reach out to you when organizations actively search for your skills, in line with your own preferences.

The organizations we work for are all different, so are also the opportunities they offer and the locations they operate. To accommodate all their needs, we are looking for Medical Doctors for volunteer assignments as well as for short-term and long-term opportunities. The more resilient you are the better.

Instructions how to apply:

Please complete a career profile on It takes no more than 2 minutes. With a complete profile you will receive weekly job alerts tailored for your expertise and career level. We will also match relevant career resources for you. 

Please click here to join our pool of medical doctors

Step 1-3: Fill in the information required and check the boxes that implies. Please only indicate "Volunteer Assignment" if you are prepared to volunteer. Too many jobseekers mark that alternative knowing they will never take on a volunteer assignment and if that is the case your choice will only create extra work, with extra costs for the organizations. Longer recruitment processes and less resources are not what this sector need.

Step 4: "What is your area of expertise and/or interest?" - Select Medical Doctor as occupational group. As soon as you have fulfilled this process you are ready to receive job alerts for positions that matches your skills. 


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