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Harvard Kennedy School (HKS)

The Office of Career Advancement (OCA) offers Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) students and alumni free access to Impactpool to assist you in understanding recruitment by the international institutions within the UN System, the International Financial Institutions (IFIs), the European Union, and beyond. In addition to many helpful Career Resources, which complement those provided by OCA, Impactpool offers a highly efficient way to search for recruitment for Young Professionals programs, full-time positions, rosters, consultancies, and internships in the international institutions.

The impactpool Academic Partnership (IAPP) offers HKS students free access to all Impactpool’s career content: 700+ career articles, career webinars, news, podcasts, online learning material, 500 interview sample questions, and all Impactpool guides and ebooks.

Explore Impactpool, then make an appointment at OCA to discuss next steps in your career.


Impactpool gathers highly qualified professionals and connects them with international organizations making a positive impact. Serving as a meeting point for top experts, recruiters, and impact organizations to compile the secrets to landing meaningful jobs and to excel in them.

You will also receive career sessions from top international recruitment experts active in the sector.

By claiming your academic subscription you will also become "priority status" member which offers exclusive advantages and benefits including in events such as our Virtual Career Fairs, and much more.



You will ONLY be visible to recruiters and receive job alerts matched with your professional profile by having a complete and updated profile


Make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter, that's where we announce the new job campaigns, events, and ever-changing recruitment trends in the sector. It contains podcasts, insider tips to land impact jobs and how to advance your career at the most prestigious organizations.


Impactpool works and regularly organizes events to meet representatives from our partner organizations which include the most renowned United Nations agencies, and International NGOs, Think Tanks, Impact Consultancies, Non-profits, Impact Businesses, and everything in between.

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The last day to redeeem your free subscription is February 19, 2023. The subscription will be active for 12 months after its activation.  



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The Academic Partnership Program gives students and alumni at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) free Fellowship at Impactpool.

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