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Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD)

Career Services offers Harvard Graduate School of Design students and alumni free access to Impactpool to assist you in understanding recruitment by the international institutions within the UN System, the International Financial Institutions (IFIs), the European Union, and beyond. 

In addition to many helpful Career Resources, which complement those provided by GSD Career Services, Impactpool offers a highly efficient way to search for recruitment for Young Professionals programs, full-time positions, rosters, consultancies, and internships in international institutions.

The impactpool Academic Partnership (IAPP) offers GSD students free access to all Impactpool’s career content: 700+ career articles, career webinars, news, podcasts, online learning material, 500 interview sample questions, and all Impactpool guides and ebooks.

Explore Impactpool, then sign in to your CREATE account to make an appointment with GSD Career Services to discuss next steps in your career.

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The Academic Partnership Program gives students and alumni at Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD) free Fellowship at Impactpool.

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